Nature baths Myvatn the blue lagoon of North Icelandthe diamond ring road rouundtrip journey
The scenic 260 km long ring road, the DIAMOND CIRCLE, offers many of the most interesting and beautiful places in Iceland. Husavik starts this spectacular round trip journey, which passes by the stunning Dettifoss waterfall and the gorgeous lake "Myvatn", before returning to Husavik.  
Along the way, travelers encounter the Dark Castles,  "Nama-fjall" Geysers,  the Crater of Hell,  the Blue Lagoon of the North,  the volcanic "Krafla",  the Waterfall of Gods,  "Asbyrgi" canyon,  "Jokulsargljufur Canyon" National Park,  the fossils and birds of Tjornes,  six interesting museums and the ghost valleys of the north.  The Diamond Ring Road is stepped in history and every hill offers a surprising new view.
We can recommend at least four days to fully enjoy the DIAMOND CIRCLE. Spend one day in the lake Myvatn area. Together, the "National Park of Jokulsargljufur" canyon and the Dettifoss area, deserve at least one day.  Reserve one more day to drive the Diamond Ring Road and visit all the small interesting places.   Finally, don't miss our  beautiful  Husavik.  Go whale watching, sea angling or hunting.  Many activities are within easy reach, including golfing, bird watching and free fishing in the lakes.  A swimming pool and natural warm bath are nearby.  You can also visit  Husavik's  museums and restaurants or take a refreshing walk around the lakes or up to the hills.

Diamond circle,scenic round trip,Dettifoss,Myvatn,Husavik, North Iceland

Botnsvatn fishing, angling Lake in Husavik on the Diamond Circle in North Iceland
"Myflug Air" Sightseeing flights by Myvatn on the Diamond Circle in North Iceland

"Voladalstorfa" Birders paradise is about 12 kilometers (8 miles) from Husavik

interesting collection of household items
Asbyrgi Canyon National Park North Iceland

Birders Lake Vikingavatn in North Iceland
Accommodation in cottages in Husavik birdwatching for birders
Husavik, north Iceland, The wale watching capital of Europe
Sound Cliffs, Hljodaklettar, in National Park North Iceland
Hveravellir geothermal activity and green houses on the Diamond Circle in North Iceland
Vesturdalur camping in National Park North Iceland
Dark Castles Dimmuborgir on Diamond Circle in North Iceland
Dettifoss is Europe's greatest waterfall - at least in terms of volume, which averages 500 cubic meters of water per second in the National Park on The Diamond Circle

Holmatungur is regarded one of the most impressive locality for hiking to be found in Iceland
FORVOD Mother Nature's art gallery

The Leirhnjukur area is a central volcano with relatively new barren lava fields where the Apollo 11 crew, came in the late 60's to train for their impending moonwalks
Bird Museum information and education about birds, bird books to review, logbook for bird watching North Iceland, Diamond Circle
At the Krafla Visitor Center you will find information on geothermal energy
Lake Myvatn is one of the most geologically active and stunningly beautiful areas in Iceland on the Diamond Circle in Iceland

The Diamond Circle number 1 attraction in Iceland
Namafjall geysers Myvatn North Iceland on Diamond Circle
Godafoss, the waterfall of the Gods on the Diamond Circle in North Iceland

Mt. Hverfjall (Hverfell) is a beautifully formed 2500 years old tephra crater in Myvatn North Iceland Diamond Circle round trip
Grenjadarstadur Museum on the Diamond Circle in North Iceland

Fossils Tjornes North Iceland. Such is their rarity that the peninsula has become a place of study for geology students from across the world.
Laxa Salmon fishing or angling river on the Diamond Circle in North Iceland
Laxa power station on the Diamond Circle in North Iceland, The Laxa River has been harnessed at three power stations with a combined installed capacity of 28 MW

Holasandur one of the biggest land care project in Europe

Ystafell Transportation Museum on the Diamond Circle in North Iceland