Lake Botnsvatn Nature paradise within the town of Husavik, must go

Nature paradise within the town of Husavik.  Every one is allowed to fish in this beautiful lake. There are good walking trails and lots of bluberries and mushrooms in late August and September.
Lake Botnsvatn has an area of 1,05 km².  It is situated 130 m above sea level,  just south of the small town of  Husavik, to which it belongs.
 Its discharge, "Budara", runs through the town to the sea.   A relatively good road leads to the lake  from town and along a part of it.  
The lake's surroundings are peaceful and beautifully framed with mountains.
 There is a walking path around the lake.

The catch is rather small Lake Char.  Angling permits have not been sold for this lake,
and those,  who wish to fish there,  simply do so.

Fishing lake in Husavik North Iceland

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