HLJODAKLETTAR  ( "The Sound Cliffs" or "The Cliffs of Sounds" or "The Echoing Rocks")

Hljodaklettar (sound cliffs or cliffs of sounds or echoing rocks ) are a bizarre looking group of crater plugs, depicting basaltic columns, in different positions, creating all kinds of patterns. The loose material of those craters, was washed away, by catastrophic flood waves originating from the big icecap "Vatnajokull" (Glacier) in the south.  Hljodaklettar is a cluster of caves, the remnants of volcanic activities carefully grinded and polished by the river "Jokulsa a Fjollum". 
People think they hear a river running inside the rocks.
In Raudholar (Red Craters or Reddish Hills), north of Hljodaklettar, the remnants of craters are visible. Across the river lies "Hallhofdaskogur" (a small wildwood), noted for its vegetation. The river has again formed a canyon little north of "Raudholar" and continues as such down to Asbyrgi, a distance of some 9 km. This stretch of the canyon is narrower and not as deep as the upper canyon.  Many terraces and hollows along the river have rich vegetation, especially on the east side.
Karl (Old Male) and Kerling (Old Female) are enormous blocks of rocks, just south of Hljodaklettar. Across the river is Trollahellir ( The Cave of Trolls (Giants)) The myth has it that one night these Trolls where on their way home but where to late, and the sun caught them with it's first rays of day, so they turned into stones, just outside their cave.  Karl  is easily the hight of 20 full grown men, but Kerling is  smaller

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