Laxa  River: The River Laxa  is one of Iceland’s major salmon rivers and in many quarters simply called the "Big Laxa".   It is Iceland’s second greatest spring fed river and originates in the famous bird haven of lake Myvatn. Laxa river flows from Myvatn lake in three channels.  

It alternately cascades or flows in still pools among beautiful islets grown with wood cranesbill, angelica, buttercups and willow.
Laxa is among the best trout and salmon fishing rivers in the world.  In the upper part of river Laxa,  Brown trout is the main catch, but a little Arctic Char is sometimes caught there, too. Salmon migrates from the sea to the lower parts of the river  

The water in lake Myvatn often takes on a greenish or brownish tinge in the summer due to blue-green algae (Cyanophyta) that inhabit it. The algae is carried into the river Laxa, together with plankton and turbidity, and provides the basis of the food chain. River Laxa is the most fertile stream in Iceland.  Blackfly larvae sift substances from the water and constitute the river’s most important food. The female flies suck blood from livestock and people, and thus gain nourishment for breeding   The river is home to Barrow's Goldeneye and the Harlequin Duck.



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