Jokulsargljufur National Park North Iceland Asbyrgi Jokulsargljufur National Park Iceland
is a part of the Jokulsargljufur National Park and there is the Visitor Center "Gljufrastofa ". The Visitor Center is open from 1st of May to September 30th.
Asbyrgi can certainly be counted as one of nature’s wonders. This wonder of nature is 3½ km long canyon with up to 100 m high walls occupied by fulmars during the breeding season. Asbyrgi is the northernmost section of the National Park Jokulsargljufurcanyon.  Asbyrgi lies in the north of Iceland.The distance from the capital is about 545 km and 65 km from Husavik, the whale watching capital of Europe. During the summer a road lies alAsbyrgi the horseshoe-shaped depression, National Park North Icelandmost all the way to its bottom, where it is nice to walk about and enjoy the surroundings. The enormous, horseshoe-shaped depression measures approximately 3.5 km in length and 1.1 km across. For more than half of its length, the canyon is divided through the middle by a distinctive rock formation 25 meters high called Eyjan ("the Island"), from which hikers may enjoy spectacular views.  The canyon's steep sides are formed by cliffs up to 100 meters in height. Down in the canyon, visitors walk through a woodland of birch and willow. Between 1947 and 1977, a number of foreign tree species were introduced, including fir, larch and pine. A small lake called Botnstjorn is home to a variety of waterfowl species. The well vegetated area between the canyon walls is a very popular recreational area, especially among families, and local festivals are celebrated there.    Here in Asbyrgi is the Information Center for the National Park. To the Park we must take Road F862 on the west bank of the river, which gives access to all the attractions.  The easterly road (F862) is longer, just as rough, and is used by buses, and only gives access to Forvod and Dettifoss. But there are no views at all from the F862 itself; you have to take the rough, hilly detours to Hljodaklettar, Vesturdalur, Holmatungur and  Dettifoss to see the sights
GOLF COURSE: The Asbyrgi Golf Course is situated on the eastern side of the camping site. It has 9 holes, par 33. It is a unique and pleasant experience to hear the sound of the drive echo off the cliff walls of Asbyrgi. It is now planned to move the course up to the cliff tops of Asbyrgi, to Asland where it will be surrounded by birch woods and will have an impressive view over the National Park.
 GEOLOGY: Asbyrgi was most likely formed by catastrophic glacial flooding of  the river "Jokulsa a Fjollum"  from Vatnajokull glacier far in the south,  the first one about 8-10 thousand and the second about 3000 years ago .after the last Ice Age.  The river has since canged its course and now runs about 20 km to the east.
LEGEND:The legend explains the unusual shape of the canyon according to old Viking mythology. Odin, the chief pagan god, rode his eight legged horse around the world and on that journey the horse put down one of its legs and created a hoof like expression in the landscape, Asbyrgi.   Legend also relates that the canyon is the capital city of the "hidden people" (huldufolk), who live in cracks within the surrounding cliffs.

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