Hveravellir geothermal energy    

In Hveravellir 20 km. south of Husavik is a source for geothermal energy and hydropower.  There is extensive greenhouse cultivation and a swimming pool. The farm sells fresh vegetables to travelers from its geothermally heated greenhouses.  The vegetables here are environmentally sound and insecticide free.
From Hveravellir the geothermal water is piped to Husavik (20 km).

When the water arrives in Husavik, the temperature is to high (120°C)  for the central heating system in the town. Therefore the water must be cooled down to 80°C.  In this cooling process a lot of energy is released (lost).  To utilize this "excess energy", the community has built an electrical power plant, located just south of the inhabited area of Husavik,  where Kalina-technique is used to produce electricity  for the whole town.

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